A medical pedicure, or medi-pedi, is a specialized procedure that enhances the cosmetic merits of a salon pedicure with professional, individualized foot and nail care performed by a skilled podiatrist.

Medical pedicures are performed in your podiatrist’s office—in a hygienic, private treatment room. Medi-pedis are also waterless procedures, meaning your feet will not sit in water. Both of these factors decrease the possibility of cross-contamination and infection.

Your medical pedicure is designed to make your nails and feet not only aesthetically pleasing, but healthy too. They also provide preventative care to ward off potential problems, and will address any podiatric concerns.

During a medical pedicure your podiatrist will:

  • Examine your feet and nails to check for anything troublesome such as calluses, corns, warts, ingrown or fungal toenails, cracked heels, etc.
  • Thoroughly cleanse and disinfect your feet and toenails, including underneath the nails
  • Use medical-grade equipment to remove dead skin
  • Discuss treatment for any ingrown toenails
  • Professionally trim your toenails: clipped straight across (never rounded) and not too short.
  • File, shape, and buff the toenails to a natural luster
  • Attend to any corns, calluses or blisters
  • Thoroughly moisturize the feet
  • Instead of painting/polishing your nails, your podiatrist will apply a clear anti-fungal solution coat to your nails

A medical pedicure is just as relaxing and soothing as a salon pedicure, but safer, more thorough, with the purpose of keeping your feet and nails not only attractive, but healthy.

Medical Pedicures are not covered by insurance and are offered at the special rate of $59,99. This does not include the required office visit with the doctor. The office visit may be covered by your insurance, depending on your specific insurance plan.